Puppy Training - How To Take The Work Out of Potty Training Your Pup!

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    Potty training your puppy will be the most important thing that you teach him. Showing your puppy that his potty is outdoors is something that should be indicated the minute you get him home. You will need to prepare yourself for a lot of waiting and watching; but with time and patience, you and your puppy will succeed at puppy training.

    Choose one particular site in your yard as your puppy's potty. You can put plants or flowers around the area to make it look better. This is a good way to show help your puppy to remember where his own potty is.

    "Outside" will be quite an important puppy training command; therefore, this word should be one of the first that you make important to your new buddy. You should use the command "outside" firmly and loudly anytime that he has an accident inside. Then you must quickly get him outside to finish elimination in his potty area. Never forget to praise him for going; this is necessary even in the case of an accident. It reinforces that going "outside" is where he will be using the potty.

    Believe it or not, eventually you will teach and enable your puppy to use the potty on command. Puppy training on command also calls for another command word of your choice.

    It helps some people to keep a diary that records puppy training habits while still in the training process. This will give you a better idea of when your puppy performs all of his functions - sleeping, eating, and going potty. The diary helps to determine when the best times are to take puppy to his potty.

    Keeping a diary if when your puppy eats, sleeps and potties can help you decide when the most average times are that he will need to poop or pee.

    Punishment is something that should never be done when puppy training. You will only hurt your puppy; he may even become scared to use his potty outside. Many puppies will begin to eliminate inside when they are punished when puppy training. They may even attempt to hide the evidence, yet they will still keep reacting in this way.

    If you follow the mentioned tips, while maintaining routine, love, and firmness; just when you feel like he will never get it - puppy will surprise you one day in his potty training efforts. This will be the first time he asks to go outside to use his very own potty!

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