The Rising Cost Of Health Care

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    Taking a look at the rising cost of health care reveals an industry that is definitely in need of reform, though the question of how exactly to go about reforming it is currently a matter of great debate in this country. Understanding the factors that go into causing these across-the-board costs can be important and should be studied if there is any hope in accomplishing that goal.

    First of all, understand that what we consider "health care costs" are comprised of an almost endless array of factors that go into these costs. When it may take several billion dollars to develop and then bring to market a single prescription medication, it is easy to see how the price for that drug may be high and who eventually ends up paying to cover those development costs (the user).

    Another input factor that causes health care costs to rise has to do with innovation and invention. Though we all are highly appreciative of the innovation that people bring to bear on a medical issue, it is a fact that the same innovation that went into creating the newest screening technology -- such as MRIs -- can lead to ever-increasing costs across the board.

    For sure, there are many instances where a person may benefit from the diagnostic excellence contained within an MRI screening, but it is also a fact that older-generation CT screening maybe just as effective and at a lower cost. Unfortunately, end users such as patients today are accustomed to having the latest and best technologies, in which case a more expensive MRI will be demanded.

    Also, many physicians who work out of hospitals as a part of their practice are accustomed to having their hospitals provide the latest-generation medical technologies, which can quite often costs quite a bit of money. Physicians as a group who work in a hospital do not pay for these technologies directly, and the hospital -- which does -- has to find a way to recoup that money.

    Lastly, health care costs are rising because many more people in the population are experiencing medical issues revolving around poor dietary and lifestyle habits. As a society, we are eating more and exercising less and the bad habits that we indulge in such as smoking and drinking seem to be on the rise. Obesity is also leading more people to access health care, which tends to drive costs up.

    There are a number of effective ways to reduce the rising cost of health care, though none will be completely popular with everybody. As to whether the current focus on reform -- such as is being currently advocated by government agencies -- will actually work, nobody can yet say. What's a certainty is that rising costs don't seem to be showing any signs of abatement at present.


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