Creating Great Projects from Old Photos

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    With the age of digital photos now lots of people are thinking of that box or drawer of old 35 mm film and old photos. Everyone has plans to organize them into albums or create scrapbooks but we never really get around to it do we? Scanning these photos and negatives into digital format will save them for the future, and protect them from damage. This may seem intimidating to technophobes but it's really quite easy with the advent of negative photo scanners.

    A negative photo scanner will easily scan all of your old photos and even restore the color and enhance them. You can edit out damage from time and even dust. You can even use your old photos as a layers to create new photos and projects from. Creating a digital photo album of all of your old photos from childhood is fun and something the whole family can be involved in.

    Are you into scrap booking? Scanning your old 35mm negatives will give you loads of ideas for new templates and new albums. Most scanners come with trays to load 35mm negative strips and scan an entire strip in no time. It's really amazing how fast you go through them, making it a snap to digitize all of your old negatives. Always prepare your negative films for scanning first by cleaning them with a soft cloth making sure to wipe away any smudges or fingerprints. This will make for a better scan of your pictures and a better overall outcome.

    How about making a photo quilt of all of the grandchildren for Grandma? Scanning the photos and printing it out on transfer paper is a snap. All that's left is transferring the images to the quilt and you have a wonderful gift. The same process can be used to make tote bags, T-shirts and pretty much anything. The possibilities are endless for crafters.

    A good photo film negative scanner will come with software for enhancing and recreating photos as well. This gives you loads of control over your photos. You can use your scanner to create high quality prints as well saving lots of cash.

    Some scanners double as document scanners as well and even create .pdf files and send email making them even more versatile. Taking the time to learn how to use your scanner correctly will help ensure better photos. Make sure you read all instructions that come with your scanner before use. Then just start trying it out, it's fun to see what all you can do with your old photos and before long you'll have them all scanned and saved for posterity.

    Photo negative scanners are easy to use and fun. Creating lasting memories for you and your family for years to come.


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