Compression Athletic Wear

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    Compression clothing studies show that protection from compression could provide against a venous thrombosis. The studies show a increase in venous blood flow in the lower extremities. The use of elastic short; tights and vests has become popular amongst athlets and fitness enthusiasts.

    Some of the clothing and gear are Wet Suits, Compression Pants, & Shirts, Belly Buster, Elbow Pads, Football Back Pads, Hip & Tailbone Pads, Knee Pads, and much more, by wearing the lower-body garments may reduce muscle fatigue by applying pressure to support muscles. It was started by a football player when he squeezed himself into a woman's girdle for added muscle support and in the process discovered that it helped prevent hamstring inluries, it is amazing how things get started sometimes. To help today's athletes, amateur or professional or just playing in the back yard, or in the city park these compression protection garments are a necessity. They keep the athlete playing a aggressive game and make them feel totally protected thus they will " go all out" in competition. The material in the clothing is vary unique and is a great need for all sports football sosser and the like, the wearer can be assured of comfort and protection. Hunter's & fisherman are also seeing the benefit from compression clothing, base layer is ideal as a stand-alone garment in cool weather or as a layering piece in cold weather. Thw compresson fit wears snug to your skin, so you hardly notice your wearing it under your clothes.

    In addition to the above clothing, it may also help people who are exerciseing by reducing the impact of hot and/or humid conditions on the body's thermoregulatory system. As you no that heat on the body will cause you to loose performance and the only way to cool the body is by sweating. When normal clothing is worn in exerciseing it increases the skin and core temperature of the body thus a reduction of cooling efficiency happens. When co to the fabric.mpression clothing is worn it helps the rate of evaporation by faciltating a faster transfer of sweat from the skin.


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