Benefits of Owning Costa Rica Condos

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    Imagine this; you are bathing under the sun on a tropical paradise with a blue margarita by your side. Sounds like the perfect topical vacation you want? Well, Costa Rica is the answer for you. With their white sand beaches, scenic mountains, big game fishing, volcanoes, river rafting and exotic tropical forest; a lot of tourist find it hard to leave Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica has numerous national parks and reserves where protected animals such as birds, mammal and reptile live. The environment is themed like Eden that makes the tourist come back for more. Costa Rica also has sandy beaches on its Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

    If you come to Costa Rica, chances are that you will land at Juan Santamaria International Airport outside the capital city of San Jose on the central plateau and nearly equidistant from the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Known for its surf, rain forests, and Tortuguero National Park, Puerto Limon is 120 km (75 mi) to the east on the Caribbean coast. The old coffee-shipping port of Puntarenas on Golfo di Nicoya and the Pacific coast lies 90 km (56 mi) to the west.

    If you decided to go to Costa Rica, you would probably land at Juan Santa Maria International Airport. It is located just outside the capital city San Jose. Just outside the capital city is where you can find Puerto Limon. It is well known for its great surf, lush rain forest and the famous Tortuguero National Park. The old coffee-shipping port of Punterenas on Golfo di Nicoya is also a great place to start your visit in Costa Rica.

    If you head south, you can follow the oddly shaped province of Puntarenas ("Sands Point" in Spanish) stretching along the Pacific coast to the Panamanian border. Along the way are the beaches of Jaco and Manuel Antonio National Park, the smallest but among the most popular national parks in the country. In this park, visitors can travel paths leading from idyllic beaches to rainforest and mountain terrains.

    Going south is also a good place to start your vacation In Costa Rica. Going to Puntarenas ("Sands Point") will surely be an excellent choice because you can see all those oddly shaped islands stretching along the Pacific coast to the Panamanian border. Along the way is where you can see the smallest national parks in the country, namely the Manuel Antonio and Jaco National Park. These parks also conceal hidden paths towards hidden beaches and mountain terrains. Further south is where you can find Puerto Juarez on Golfo Dolce, which holds a mystic jungle of Corcovado. The good thing about this National Parks is that local residents are present inside the premises thus offering a more unique tour in the park all year round.

    The condos in Costa Rica are a good deal compared to the prices of the properties offered Northeastern and Pacific coasts of the United States of America. San Jose has minimal cost-of-living considering the houses situated in a typical middle class suburban village. The US and Canada can not compete with what the Costa Rica condos are presenting, it even offer other real estate projects for investment such as time-shares, single-family homes and farms that are needs working. To cut the story short, Costa Rica condos are the best approach for investment and retirement for minimal expense with the great benefits.

    Enjoy the suburbs of San Jose and the culture of modern city within this small but vibrant country. With just $90,000 or less you can buy a very nice condo in the suburbs of San Jose. The Costa Rica beachfront property or mountain retreats are available, similarly North American properties. Coastal properties cost less than $250,000, $400,000 below for and Costa Rica beachfront properties.

    The residency requirements have no onerous restrictions with proofs of income minimal and the status cards easily renewable every two years. Costa Rica does not tax foreign residents on income earned outside of the country and most importantly the Costa Ricans, or Ticos, are friendly and welcoming to foreigners.


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