How To Set Up Wireless Internet For Your Pc Desktop

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    It is very convenient to have wireless internet for your pc desktop. You don't have to worry about the wire when you use a wireless network. In fact, setting up wireless internet for your desktop is an easy task. Simply follow these steps and you will be surfing the net in no time.

    The first and also fundamental step is to find whether there is wireless internet where your computer is located. If you are lucky to be located near a Wifi Hotspot, for instance a coffee shop, you can utilize this network to get wireless connection for your desktop. If you are a student living in the dorm, you will be able to connect to the wireless network the college has already set up. And if you live in an apartment, there may be a network available and you can use it for free. If you are not in those cases and live in a separate house, you may check to see whether your neighbors have wireless internet, and ask if you can use it.

    The second step is to buy a wireless network adapter. There are many types of wireless adapter available on the market, but I recommend you use famous brands like Linksys or Dlink for best connectivity. You should check and compare the price. Stores like Best Buy or Wal-Mart always have good brand names with a reasonable price.

    You should choose the wireless adapter according to the distance between your desktop and the wireless hotspot. The most convenient adapters to use are those that can be plugged in the USB port.

    Now it is time to set up the connection using the instruction manual which came with the adapter. This is a very easy step. After having set up your adapter, you may check the stability of the network and if everything works fine, you can begin surfing the net.

    When there is no available network in your area, you should consider buying a wireless network router to set up wireless connection. You can buy one online or in store, the choice lies in your preference. You should check various stores to get the best price. For online stores, you can go to; they usually have great brand names at cheap price. After you have bought the router, you have to configure it according to the instructions. There may be some points you have to check with your service provider also. If you have lots of PC then this is a great choice.

    After reading through this article, now I think you have some understanding of how to set up a wireless network for your pc desktop.


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