Pre Paid Legal Services Plan: Planning Ahead For Attorney Help

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    Prepaid legal services are a popular alternative to hiring an attorney on a job-by-job basis. If you're in a situation where competent legal help is needed, you may not have time to find the best possible legal representation. With a prepaid plan, you can plan ahead, not only to find the right attorney for your specific needs, but also to avoid huge retainer fees to get an attorney to listen to your complaint.

    There are several different types of advance payment legal services plans. A plan may allow for discounts when using one of a group of networked attorneys. When you have need of services, you contact the network and are referred to an attorney who specializes in the particular type of legal service that you need.

    Often, a legal services plan will include the offer of one or more legal documents prepared for you at no additional cost. A simple will or a deed is an example of the types of free legal documents available. Preparation of one such document can offset the monthly fees for several months.

    Some plans include access to a library of legal documents and forms. These are the standard forms for a wide range of legal issues. You might see deeds, bills of sale, rental agreements, or other commonly used forms. Most of these forms are available online, but you might have to pay several dollars per form to get access individually.

    The decision of which plan to select will depend upon your own needs. You may have some idea of the type of legal representation you are likely to need during the upcoming year. You can tailor your legal plan to suit your needs. If you will need the advice of an attorney periodically, make sure your plan includes a network of lawyers to help you. If you're more likely to need access to forms and documents, the plan should accommodate that as well.

    Whether or not you use a prepaid plan, getting the right attorney is important. Some plans limit your flexibility in choosing your attorney. Even if you are happy with the lawyer assigned to you, the plan may not cover more complicated legal representation. Read the terms and provisions of the plan carefully before signing on the dotted line. Make certain you know exactly what services are included in the plan.

    A plan that provides you with a number to call in the event of an arrest can be very helpful in arranging legal counsel immediately. Police are more likely to follow all the rules if they know you have legal representation. A prepaid legal adviser makes certain you know what your options and responsibilities are.


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