Personalized Stationery - The Lost Art of Letter Writing

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    Never before have we been so connected to others. Email, instant message, and texting has made it possible to send a steady stream of short messages all day every day. It has created a global village, but one that lacks something-- the personal touch and a lasting memory. Letter writing is classic communication, and conveys so much more than the words themselves. Everything sends a message from the stamp to the personalized stationery, and that is exactly why they are so valued.

    Today, letter writing is experiencing a revival, and for good reason. People have come to long for the feeling of permanence and stability that a letter, written in a loved one's own hand, brings. Only the hand written letter can be saved, treasured and appreciated for years to come. Letters tell a story of life. While email and texting has its own place in communication, there are some things that only a letter can provide.

    • Subtle changes in handwriting can show mood, age or emphasis
    • Personalized stationery tells the recipient that you are sending thoughts you hope will be remembered
    • Fine quality paper can signify the importance of the occasion
    • It is absolutely unique to the receiver
    • The receiver is honored by the time and thoughtfulness it takes create
    • It is much more personal and intimate

    Classic correspondence starts with the choice of stationery, which is the foundation. There are many fine papers on the market from which to choose, and should reflect the sender, receiver and occasion. Official or important correspondence may lend itself to elegant personalized stationery, while a friendly letter to stay in touch would be well fitted to a cheerful and colorful pattern.

    • Choose more subtle designs for business correspondence
    • Use personalized stationery to help your letter stand out from others
    • The regular use of distinctive stationery creates a story over time for the receiver
    • The stationery should reflect a thoughtful understanding of the receiver's mood or situation in life
    • Browse available stamps and find ones that would closely correspond with the stationery

    Even the simple memo pad can have a place of value in you life. A quick message of your thoughts as you leave in the morning can help loved ones feel remembered and cared for. Office correspondence can also gain importance with the use of distinctive memo pads. Even when electronic correspondence is used, a friendly memo can help your message stand out.

    • Use color coded memo pads to reflect levels of importance in messages to employees
    • Use professional and warmly designed memos to add a personal greeting to fellow employees
    • Fun memos added to a child's lunch can remind them you are thinking of them, even while they are away

    Though super fast communication will always have a place, the art of letter writing is a splendid tradition that will always be kept by those who realize the value of the handwritten thought.


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