Highway Solar Street Light

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    This integrated solar power street light led 120 watt works well with good performance in lumens.

    1. Product introduction
    (1) Classic CSS series, well-known to customers
    (2) Compact all-in-one design, leading the atmosphere of integrated solar street lamps

    2. Product parameter (specification)
    LED power120w
    BatteryLithium battery
    Solar panelHigh efficiency solar module
    CertificationCE, RoHS, IP65
    MaterialAluminum alloy
    Solar charging time6-7 hours
    Lighting time10-12 hours and 5-7 rainy days
    Mounting height10-12m

    3. Product feature and application
    (1) Super brightness chip
    (2) TUV ip65, protect the solar lamp
    Highway, park, road, street, roadway, public square, plaza, farm, campus, military base, etc.
    The item 120w solar street light is usually used in those big government projects or any other special use.

    4. Product detail
    CSS series is full of simple feeling but contain sophisticated craft.

    5. Product qualification
    (1) Although the size is big, this item is still favored by foreign company and government.
    (2) High quality, competitive price and good service is our belief.

    6. Delivery, shipping and serving

    7. FAQ
    (1) Q: Do you offer a sample?
    A: Yes, One sample is OK.
    (2) Q: Do you have certifications?
    A: Yes, we have CE, RoHS, SAA, ISO9001, etc.
    (3) Q: When can I get my samples?
    A: Samples lead time is usually 3-5 days, but practical situations need to be considered.

    8. Latest newsHighway Solar Street Light

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