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    1.Description of melamine soup bowls
    Size:6 inch
    Usage: Soup use
    MOQ:3000 pieces
    Country of origin:Fujian Jinjiang
    2.About SEBEST
    Jinjiang Sebest Housewares CO.,LTD,a professional trading company with over 10 years experience. Since 2007, we have exported countless Melamine tablewares many countries mainly in Europe and North America. OEM&ODM are acceptable.We look forward to hearing from you.
    3.2019 Company development plan
    In 2019, we will develop a third business team. We will add another team to the original two, so that we can help the first two teams to consolidate old customers, and the second one can continue to develop new projects. Secondly, in 2019, we will participate in 20 exhibitions, both at home and abroad, so as to present our company in various aspects and make a name for ourselves. Finally, our factory will continue to expand.
    4.How to wash tableware the cleanest?
    Wash the dishes quickly and don't soak them for long. Usually a lot of families can have the habit of immerse bowl and chopsticks, think such conduce to wash those who wash bowl and chopsticks more clean, if the bowl and chopsticks after eating is not washed immediately, food residue can as the elbowcourse of time slowly ferment, produce a peculiar smell, drag time to grow peculiar smell bigger.
    Separate the greasy and non-greasy dishes when you wash them. If do not contain oily and the bowl that do not contain oily word to wash separately, can let both cause cross infection, increase the difficulty that washs bowl. Remember to wash the dishes with oil first, and then wash without oil; Wash the bowl containing cooked meat first, then the bowl containing raw meat. Don't forget to clean the bottom of the bowl as well, to prevent it from overlapping and infecting the other bowl.
    Dilute the dish detergent with warm water before washing the dishes. Dishwashing liquid can effectively decontamination is mainly attributed to the decomposition of enzymes, and the decomposition of enzymes in the water temperature reached 38 degrees when the best decontamination effect.
    Use hot water to rinse the dishes more thoroughly. Under normal circumstances, detergent can only remove oil stains. If washing dishes with cold water, the oil stains that have just been decomposed by detergent will be rewashed and attached to bowls and chopsticks. Therefore, when washing dishes and chopsticks, it is necessary to wash them with hot water to thoroughly remove the oil stains and cleansers left on the surfaces of bowls and chopsticks.
    After washing the chopsticks to control the water dry, by the way the cabinet table also want to scrub clean.Melamine Square Bowl manufacturers

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