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  1. Huden Harui

    [Offline] Party " HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 SEUNG HYUN aka TOP

    nguồn : Bigbangvn link http://bigbangvn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=144793
  2. Huden Harui

    11A3 - long hải - 2009/10/11

    photos taken by chullie designed by huden 11a3 LongHai 2009/10/11
  3. Huden Harui

    no more bad days [2009/10/14]

    “no more bad days, okay?” those five words saved a life. those five words changed my life forever. and it’s those five words that make me get out of bed each and every morning. the kind of feeling that just makes you want to smile and say “i’m glad i woke up today…” so when you find someone...
  4. Huden Harui

    tired ~ [2009/10/13]

    i'm so tired, of this whole dance, this show, these people. i'm just so tired. i tire of the same old thing. give something to talk about ,something to sing about. give me something. the life i wish i had does not compare to the life have now, it is nothing great, nothing special, only boring...
  5. Huden Harui

    How to Cry by ~charmingstar

    Inhale. Hold it in. Clear your head. Exhale. Thoughts rush in. Inhale. Hold your breath. Keep in the tears. Bite your lip. Exhale. Close your eyes. Feel the burn. Inhale. Droop your head. Hide your eyes. Exhale. Gasp for air. Pause. Exhale. Gasp. Cry. Gasp. Stop...