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Basic Music Production Tips

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    There are typically problems along the road of music production ; many of these holes can be avoid if the mixing noob has some music production basics to help them at the start. Once a person that's new to music production knows the basics and knows the golden rules their educational process and overall education in this field will be at a far bigger level than those who jump straight in without knowing or reading anything. Here are some helpful tips :

    Always back up all files that are required in you mix - before you sit down to start a mix, make sure you have all of your audio files and arrangement files saved and backed up on something away from your PC. Be that an external drive, DVD / CD, memory stick or on the web. Anything could occur, such as a virus infection, drive melt down or something else infinitely random.

    Mix inside a calm environment - you cannot do any of the music production basics not to mention mix if there is excessive noise going on around you. Even while using headphones it's not good as it is distracting.

    You do not need intense silence, though that might be nice. Just all other noise must be in the background and not breaking your concentration. Never turn speakers up above a comfortable listening level to drown out or counter noise interfering with your ability to mix competently.

    Listen though a track before mixing and write ideas down - I usually listen thru a track I'm about to mix and write down ideas I have for the mixing direction. The muse could come from explicit vocals / words or merely a feeling / idea I assumed up in that moment of listening ; it is simple to put your ideas into practise after you know the music production basics.

    It is always great to have an idea or direction of how you need the track to go. At this time an idea would most likely be formed anyway. When listening to the track for concepts wait at least 24 hours, or, if you are like me and / or you have some time on your hands wait longer and listen to it as fresh and forgetful as you can and base your mixing idea on the 1st impressions you get.

    Source: http://buithixuan.info/posts/arts/music/basic-music-production-tips.html

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