Huỳnh Ái Quyên _ 10B2, 11B2, 12B2 _ nk 1991-1994

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  1. Huỳnh Ái Quyên

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    ai quyen huynh to Trường

    Thanks for your email. Thanks for someone sent to me this email and remind me. How you got my email address? Thanks again!

    I'm so happy but I could not stop by for visit, because I'm living in America now. I wish, if I will be back Vietnam as soon as, I will visit Marie Curie school first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY .

    Please help me said Hello to Mrs. Co Bong, Mrs. Co Chi, Mrs. Co Thuy & Mr. Thay Than Trong Hung's Wife. I already knew He had been pass a way for over 10 years. If you have contact with Mr. Hung's Wife, please give for me her telephone number, email address or any information you know. Thank so much.

    TERESA VUONG (ai quyen huynh)
    10 B2, 11 B2, 12 B 2

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    Re: Huỳnh Ái Quyên _ B2 _ nk 1991-1994

    Le Hoa Binh to Ái

    Hello, I am administrator of Marie Curie Network, The Happy Birthday email you received was sent automatically from our system.
    Thank you for attention and have inquired about the school. 10 years is a period long enough to change many things, so many teachers you mentioned were not taught in school anymore.
    Can you tell me your grade ? Annual course ?
    You should always treat the information on the website to know and participate in school's events when necessary. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to communicate with old friends that you've lost touch a long time.
    I will cordially your greeting to those teachers when I visit them in the Lunar New Year.
    Happy new year and best wishes for you.

    Le Hoa Binh,

    comay1709 thích bài này.

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