Five Self Care Activities to Prevent Colds and Flu

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    Here are 5 tips to bring about the best chance to preserve and enhance our energy for the coming winter months. We need to remember that although this Fall's cold and flu season has passed, school will be starting again after the holidays which brings a greater chance of getting sick.

    In traditional Chinese medicine the fall is the time of harvesting, saving and storing what the abundant summer has produced. This principal applies to the human condition in that we have built strength and muscle and vitamin D stores to serve us through the less active winter months. This is the time to build up the immune system in preparation for the cold and flu season.

    5 Strategies for Self Care

    Consider all the activities you can do to promote your health during the Fall season:

    1. strengthen your body's immune system by seeing an acupuncturist

    2. taking the right mix and dosage of vitamins

    3. eat nutritious food at regular times throughout your day

    4. regular exercise will help reduce stress and strengthen your body

    5. getting enough rest to generate more energy and mental focus

    I've found in my practice that my clients start reporting colds about one to two weeks after school opens. These activities all enhance your immune systems and make you less susceptible to the colds and flu's that will be circulating.

    I use 2 different types of Chinese herbal formulas to prevent colds and flu. The first formula should be started in late Summer/Fall and be taken for two to three months. This will help protect you from catching colds. This formula is a Chinese traditional compound, called "Jade Wind-Screen" and is used for strengthening the immune system. It is very effective and has been in use for thousands of years.

    The second formula I use I call "Prevent a Cold" and it is based on Yin Qiao Formula. It is used at the first signs of a cold such as sore throat, runny nose, slight fever or chills and body aches. This formula can stop a cold from progressing into the lungs. It is taken 3-4 times per day for several days to chase the cold away. If you wake in the early morning with a scratchy throat or runny nose start taking the herbs and monitor symptoms throughout the day while continuing to take the formula. If the symptoms go away stop the formula but be ready to start the formula again at the first signs of a cold coming back. You can do this for several days but if symptoms do progress to a full blown cold then a more individualized formula will be necessary. Whenever you take herbs pay attention to how it effects your digestion. If you have any digestive upset should discontinue the formula.

    If you are worried about the H1N1 influenza virus that has been reported in the news the most important first step is being as healthy as you can. Using the Jade Wind-Screen formula will help as well as getting proper rest and nutrition. If you think you have come down with the flu you should also call your doctor.


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