Thư tuyệt mệnh của lớp phó nhà 10b13 nè bà kon !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Silvia

    Silvia New Member

    Dear pupu_cun
    I'm a girl,for sure. You asked me for the result of my Eng exam,right? It was 9,50. I was a little bit nervous cause the time was up, so there r something wrong in that letter. But the point is to have fun, i just wanna relax be4 a big exam, i was not in doing the Writing test, so give a **** of it
  2. unknow1337

    unknow1337 New Member

    WTF !? ROFLMFAO :banhbao32::banhbao32:
  3. Gao.Ranger

    Gao.Ranger New Member Staff Member

    oh my!!Njce!! đít y the best one i have seen!!!! Great Job dude :banhbao32::banhbao32:

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    làm gì chán đời vậy anh 2 @};-

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