Kaede Kano nhóm Super Girls Nhật Bản lộ ảnh nóng và chuyện phá thai khi 18 tuổi

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    Thêm 1 ca sĩ xinh đẹp sinh năm 1992 của Nhật lộ ảnh nóng, hôm nay báo chí các nơi đã đưa tin rầm rộ về cô ca sĩ sinh năm con khỉ này.

    Những tấm ảnh nóng được cho là của Kaede Kano nhóm Super Girls đang bị đăng tải tràn lan trên mạng.

    Trang 163 mới đây đã đăng tải ảnh nóng của thành viên sinh năm 1992 nhóm nhạc Super Girls, Kaede Kano. Trong bức ảnh được chụp từ tạp chí, cô ca sỹ vừa bước sang tuổi 20 đã có pha mùi mẫn phòng the với một anh chàng. Theo nguồn tin, bức ảnh này là ảnh nóng của Kaede với bạn trai cũ của mình.


    Tuy nhiên sau thời gian hẹn hò, Kaede đã chủ động đề nghị chia tay. Vì tức giận, người đàn ông này đã tung tấm ảnh thân mật của cả hai lên báo để bôi nhọ danh dự Kaede. Tin tức này ngay lập tức gây chấn động trên cộng đồng mạng, bởi Kaede còn quá nhỏ tuổi để diễn những cảnh “giường chiếu” mùi mẫn như vậy.


    Trả lời phỏng vấn qua điện thoại, nữ ca sỹ 9X cho biết cô chưa đọc báo và chưa thể trả lời gì về tin tức này. Trong khi đó, công ty quản lý của nhóm nhạc nữ từ chối bình luận về scandal của cô ca sỹ trẻ.
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    Goto Aya (14)
    - From Hyogo
    - Likes men who look cute, but have a masculine character
    - She has a habit of saying 'あやな' (Aya thinks)
    - Out of all the members she thinks she is the best at Sumo

    Kano Kaede (19)
    - From Saitama
    - Her hobbies/ talents are volleyball, dancing, piano, and anime impressions
    - Her favorite idol is Takajo Aki (AKB48)
    - She wants to become an actress
    - She prefers men who she can have a good time with and will make her their #1 priority
    - People tell her that she often asks them to share their food with her
    - Out of all the members she would win a sweets eating competition

    Katsuta Rino (17)
    - Originally from Hokkaido
    - Her hobbies are listening to music and eating
    - She likes SNSD
    - Her favorite idol is Ueto Aya
    - Her ideal boyfriend is tall, good at sports, and gentle
    - She has a habit of checking her cell phone
    - She has a news app on her phone
    - Her bangs grow quickly. . .

    Maeshima Ami (14)
    - Her hometown is Saitama
    - She tends to perform in pigtails
    - She wants a guy who has similar interests and is funny (celebrity examples: Sadawo Abe and You Oizumi)
    - When she sees other people gossiping or having fun she likes to ask 'What's going on?' with the goal of being included
    - She dislikes her tendency to interrupt people while they are speaking
    - She is the youngest member

    Miyazaki Rina (18)
    - From fuckuoka
    - She likes men who are gentle and can make her laugh
    - Miyari likes to eat, so she wants a boyfriend who can smile while he watches her eat
    - She considers herself to be the strongest, physically, in the group

    Mizote Ruka (15)
    - She is from Osaka
    - Her hobby is to dance
    - Her talent is drawing portraits
    - Her favorite artists are BoA, DREAMS COME TRUE, and ayaka
    - Her favorite idol is Miyazaki Aoi
    - Her ideal guy is someone who always has a shining smile
    - During concerts, she tends to mess with her bangs when she gets sweaty
    - She is a fast walker

    Watanabe Hikaru (18)
    - Originally from Hokkaido
    - Her hobbies include dancing, listening to K-Pop, and people watching
    - She is talented at impersanations of KREVA
    - Her favorite musicians are Kara, SNSD, BoA, and Amuro Namie
    - Her favorite actress is Ayase Haruka
    - She wants to become both a singer and an actress
    - When asked 'what kind of men do you like?' she responded by saying both men and women who work hard towards their dreams, whether it is sports or studies, are attractive.
    - Since she is from Hokkaido, she has a habit of saying 'したっけ' (did I do that?)
    - She does things at her own pace
    - She considers herself easy-going

    Yasaka Saori (23)
    - Is from Tokyo
    - She is the leader
    - She enjoys reading, watching musicals, museum tours
    - Her talents include alt0-saxophone, hula hooping while saying tongue twisters, and impersonations
    - She finds cool, solid men attractive
    - She often starts her sentences with 'なんか' (I mean)
    - She claims that out of the entire group she could be best at 'loving elder men'

    Tanaka Mirei (15)
    - Comes from the land called Saitama
    - She adores men who are good-natured, clean, smart, and innocent
    - She used to wear glasses, so she has a habit of squinting (she wears contacts now, so she isn't walking around blind or anything like that)
    - She wears hats during more promotional videos than the other girls

    Shimura Rika (19)
    - From Kanagawa
    - Her hobbies are eating, aromatherapy, listening to music, and manga
    - She is good at tongue twisters
    - Her favorite idol is Oshima Mai (soloist, ex AKB48 member)
    - She wants to do modeling
    - She likes gentle men who have a 'ladies first' attitude
    - She sticks out her tongue when people take pictures (she has been warned by staff)
    - Her tongue is long, at least she thinks so
    - The other members think she is stupid, but she sees herself as a serious person

    Arai Reira (17)
    - She is from Tokyo
    - Her ideal man is a gentleman with an open mind, treats people equally, and respects women
    - She loves the United States :cool:
    - She likes Miley Cyrus (nope, nevermind)


    1. Arai Reira
    2. Yasaka Saori [leader]
    3. Kano Kaede
    4. Shimura Rika [most photogenic]
    5. Watanabe Hikaru [favorite profile]
    6. Goto Aya

    7. Katsuta Rino
    8. Mizote Ruta
    9. Tanaka Mirei
    10. Miyazaki Rina
    11. Maeshima Ami
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